Monday, 22 February 2016


So I realize it's after the fact, but this past Monday night I (Tessa) was a guest DJ on the awesome Girls Radio Offensive radio show on local activist Melbourne radio station 3CR (855AM)

Bit of a mixed playlist with punk, post punk, coldwave, rock n roll & goth from artists all featuring fem members from all over the world, as well as little tribute to the late and great anarcho-feminist Vi Subversa from Poison Girls.

The show talked about the No Pride In Prisons Intervention at the Aotearoa/New Zealand corporate pride march and the connotations of corporate "pink washing" as well as the limitations of the #letthemstay movement and coverage of the current situation in Northern Kurdistan.

Check out info, past shows and more at the Girls Radio Offensive website.

Here's a little bit of info about GRO...
girls radio offensive plays punk music with a focus on wimmin in punk as an underrepresented category in the punk community. we discuss issues around race and colonisation, white supremacy, anti-capitalism, patriarchy and gender, feminism. we focus on news and current events particularly from australia. we talk about DIY communities and social spaces, anti-authoritarian struggle, resistance and etc.
Get in contact with these amazing gals here

Lost In Fog stocks the Girls Radio Offensive Compilation Tape you can buy it here

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