Thursday, 18 February 2016


A last minute arrival to the distro, the new LP from Danish based "queer migrant punk" 3 piece PRISON. I had the privilge of touring with these guys in 2014 when I filled in on bass for Nervous Trend on their European tour, they are hands down one of the best synthy/coldwave/post punk bands going around right now. They blend uniquely sweet pop hooks with some really powerful vocal lines, all whilst being fiecrely driven and political in a quite poetic way in the singer Zosia's lyrics, sometimes in English and sometimes in Polish. The visuals of this LP are also really beautiful, featuring (and not well captured in my photo unfortunately) a silver reflective cover, two types of coloured vinyl, a poster and matching glittery lyrics sheet.

Stand out tracks for me are (a homage to Twin Peaks) & Depresja

I only received limited quantities of this amazing album, you can buy it here

Post avaliable everywhere, pickup in Melbourne's north.

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